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Three Ways To Get Lean…

Increase Daily Cardio

There has been a lot of controversy with people saying that by JUST exercising alone without dieting cannot actually help you get “fit.” I am here to tell you that that is a false statement. With a little bit of exercising, you can be on your way to great abs and a great body. Of course, dieting or managing what you eat does help you so you WILL need to monitor what you eat. But, here are a few things that you can do to get your body the way you want it right now.

  • Two hours of swimming, running/jogging, walking, biking or playing some type of sport will burn more fat than going on a strict “low fat everything” diet.
  • Body fat > Body weight. It’s not all about being skinny and being at your expected weight for you age, its about turning that fat into LEAN. Shaving fat to muscle, pure muscle! You can buy a bodyfat scale which will assist you with your body composition. Another suggestion would be to use a tape measurer. Measure the width of different areas of your body like around your waist (right above your belly button), chest, arms, thighs. This will give you a better understanding of where you’re getting lean and where you need to improve.
  • “Clean Foods” I know you’re probably thinking what in the world does this mean…what this means is eating less junk food as possible, eating more whole grains, lean protein, beans, nuts, good veggies, etc. You can still enjoy “unclean” food, just try to eat more clean. Also another thing to do is to know when to stop eating, stop eating when you’re bored. Instead, go for a walk or go for a run.


Here below are a few exercises that you can do, also, some tips to get lean muscles.


Lebanese Freekeh and Fig Salad – Freekehing Fabulous

Best dish out there and guess what! It’s not even fattening!

food to glow

freekeh-fig-salad-imageMove over quinoa, there’s a ‘new’ ‘grain’ in town.

Well, actually it’s not new, and quinoa is not a grain. But you know what I mean. Of course I’m talking about freekeh. And just to confuse us further freekeh is not  a grain, but a process. Actually it sounds to me more like a dance from the 70s, but never mind. 

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